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Kinect for Windows SDK update 1.8 adds Fusion fixes and more

The Kinect for Windows software development kit received a fourth update with its 1.8 version, which adds Kinect Fusion improvements and more, the Kinect for Windows Team announced today.

Upgrades to Kinect Fusion include realistic color capture, improved tracking and multiple-sensor sampling. Other improvements in update 1.8 include the ability to green-screen, or replace backgrounds with artificial ones, as well as improved interface.

"We build each version of the SDK with our customers in mind — listening to what the developer community and business leaders tell us they want and traveling around the globe to see what these dedicated teams do, how they do it, and what they most need out of our software development kit," the post reads.

For more on the update, check out the full post. A new-generation Kinect sensor for Windows is set to release next year.

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