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Extraction closed beta begins early October, registrations open

The closed beta for Extraction, the free-to-play shooter formerly known as Dirty Bomb from Splash Damage, will begin on Oct. 1, publisher Nexon America announced.

Those interested are invited to register for the beta on the official Extraction website. Openings are limited and successful closed beta applicants will be notified by email before Oct. 1. Those chosen for the closed beta will have the opportunity to play several maps and game modes, along with the ability to unlock various Merc classes. As well as providing stability testing, the beta will help balance Extraction's gameplay by introducing new players.

According to Splash Damage, Extraction was Dirty Bomb's original name; however, the developer wasn't confident that it could secure the worldwide trademark so Dirty Bomb was settled on during its Closed Alpha. Splash Damage launched the Closed Alpha period for the shooter in January, saying the alpha community "made significant contributions to the game."

Extraction is slated for release on PC in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. For more on Splash Damage and Extraction, be sure to read our recent interview with CEO Paul Wedgwood.

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