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Three men impersonate cops to cut GTA 5 waiting line

Three Staten Island men have been charged with second-degree criminal impersonation after posing as police officers to obtain copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 without waiting in line, reports Silive.

The NYPD report that the three men — one of which is an auxiliary member of the NYPD, while another is a retired officer's son — arrived at the Staten Island Mall just before midnight Monday night in a police car purchased at an auction with a "lights-and-siren package installed."

The trio showed police badges in order to skip ahead of a line hundreds of people long waiting outside a GameStop for Grand Theft Auto 5's midnight release. One of these badges was fake, while the auxiliary officer used his own NYPD badge and the son of the retiree had his father's shield tattooed on his arm.

According to Silive, mall security offered them coffee and GameStop's manager thanked them for showing up to offer extra security.

After showing their badges one more time and asking the manager, the three purchases copies of the game and left the mall. As they were leaving the premises, the trio made an illegal u-turn in front of a real, undercover police officer in an unmarked car. They were caught and charged with second-degree criminal impersonation. The misdemeanor could land them up to a year in jail.

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