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Wii U gets 5 online Wii Sports games with Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Club is bringing five of the original Wii Sports minigames to Wii U as individual downloads on Nintendo eShop.

These include Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing and Golf and will feature upgraded HD graphics, enhanced controls using Wii MotionPlus and an online multiplayer versus mode.

Users who register to state or regional clubs in Wii Sports Club will be able to chat with other one another through the Miiverse throughout matches. Players will be able to practice against members of their own club or take on rival clubs to increase their overall ranking.

Starting Nov. 7, Tennis and Bowling will be available on the eShop, followed by Boxing, Baseball and Golf in the months ahead. Those who download Wii Sports Club will also get a trial pass that allows them to play the available games for 24 hours. A Day Pass can later be purchased for $1.99 after the trial ends, or alternatively users can purchase the individual games in full for $9.99 each.

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