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Star Citizen reveals $21 million salvage career stretch goal, will continue campaign

The $21 million stretch goal for Roberts Space Industries' Star Citizen will be the addition of a new mechanic — the salvage mechanic, which the developer describes as being a career in and of itself, according to a post on the studio's website.

According to the post, the salvage career will have its own story elements and "universe-shaping endgames." Players who take on this role will scour the galaxy using the flight and first-person shooter features to dig up its darkest and most valuable secrets.The developer also shared concept art for Star Citizen's first female character, "a badass space explorer who can hold her own on the fringes of civilization," the post reads.

The post also clarifies that reaching the $21 million stretch goal will not mark the end of the crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen. This is because the $20 million goal will actually be achieved at $23 million — Roberts Space Industries had to pay Kickstarter, Paypal and credit providers and take out the cost of physical backer rewards. Additional running costs also stem from customer support for the community, hosting servers and delivering data. The more funds are raised, the post reads, the more content the developer can create for the game as well.

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