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Space shooter God Factory: Wingmen hits Kickstarter with a trailer

A new trailer heralds the launch of space combat game God Factory: Wingmen on the fund-raising Kickstarter platform.

God Factory sees two teams of four players each taking to the stars in an effort to destroy the other team's Carrier. Players start their career by choosing two of four playable races, each of which has its own ship style and strengths; the other two may be unlocked over time. After battles, players can purchase parts to upgrade their fighters.

The Kickstarter rewards offer players shiny custom armor at lower levels and the chance to design one's own personal God — a massive humanoid construct floating in space that will become part of the randomly generated level terrain — at higher tiers.

God Factory is in development for Windows, Mac and Linux though creator Nine Dots Studio says it would like to bring it to console as well.

Players can download a free version of the game here, which will be available for the duration of the Kickstarter. Nine Dots Canada is seeking $75,000 to complete its game.

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