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GTA 5 publicity stunt with fake criminals ends with real police

Two Micromania employees in Montargis, a town south of Paris, dressed up to celebrate the release of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 yesterday. In keeping with the criminal themes of the game, their costumes included face masks and toy guns.

The reference was lost on a passerby, according to a report published in La République du Centre. A concerned observer alerted local police, who sent 15 police officers — some armed with submachine guns — to the scene. No one was hurt in the ensuing tactical strike, but an officer warned the publication of what could have happened.

"It could have ended very badly," the officer said.

This is just the latest in a series of odd events surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5's release this week. For example, the NYPD charged three Staten Island men with second-degree criminal impersonation after they dressed up as police officers to nab a copy of the game.

For more on the game at the center of the shenanigans, sure to read and watch Polygon's Grand Theft Auto 5 review.

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