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iOS 7 update may reset's mobile authenticators

iOS 7 could affect's Mobile Authenticator

The latest software update for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, iOS 7, could reset's Mobile Authenticator, Blizzard Entertainment wrote in a blog post today.

The Mobile Authenticator is an app that users can download for their iOS and Android devices that offers an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized account access. The authenticator is optional, but those who have it installed are required to generate a unique, one-time password in addition to their regular password to access to their account.

Blizzard recommended that those who use the Mobile Authenticator and plan to update their device's operating system should take precautionary steps to ensure that if the app does reset, they have a way of restoring it.

Among the suggestions are signing up for's SMS Protect service, so that users can remove the old authenticators from their account with a texted security code; write down their current authenticator's serial number and restore code; temporarily remove the authenticator before updating the device or to update their phone via Wi-Fi.

iOS 7 launched today for Apple's mobile devices.

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