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PlayStation 4's real name IDs designed to bring in casual players

PlayStation Network users on PS4 will be able to identify themselves using their real name, a move designed to court casual players, Sony home console division president Masayasu Ito explained during today's TGS 2013 keynote speech.

"Basically so far, PSN ID can be available under PS4, but there is a way we decided to do real name registration, is because we wanted to encourage casual users to join our world," Ito said via a translator. "The hardcore users didn't mind using an anonymous name, but when casual users get a request from an anonymous name, do you think they'd accept it quickly? I think not."

Ito stressed that players will still be able to play their games using an anonymous ID, keeping their real-life identity from being revealed during an online multiplayer match. No details about how the player's real ID would be displayed were given, though during the PS4's February announcement event, system architect Mark Cerny explained the console is "transitioning to a friends network based on real world friends," suggesting real names will only be shown to users who are connected as PSN friends.

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