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Artillery shows HTML5 browser game platform

Artillery today unveiled its eponymous HTML5 browser gaming platform, which the start-up claims "turns the modern browser into a game console."

Due for launch next year, Artillery's HTML5-based platform technology is shown off in a new YouTube video that provides a look at how the system works as well as offering information on developer tools. The video shows real-time strategy game Project Atlas running on the system.

"Our browser-based platform will be transformative for the industry," said Artillery CEO Ankur Pansari. "It makes core games easier to develop, play and enjoy, and provides everyone with a browser, access to triple A quality games typically only playable using a console or PC download."

Earlier this month Artillery announced the appointment of Starcraft competitive gaming champion Sean "Day[9]" Plott as the company's head of games. "Project Atlas is designed specifically as an accessible, multiplayer experience," said Plott. "Players click a link, and a few seconds later they are all playing together."