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Bayonetta to get film adaptation from Sega and Hellsing anime studio

Platinum Games' Bayonetta is getting its own anime adaptation in a collaboration between Sega and animation studio Gonzo, Bayonetta Bloody Fate, according to a trailer and website for the title that recently appeared online.

The trailer, posted above, features a handful of familiar faces from the original 2009 title — including Cereza, Enzo, Jean, Luka and Rodin — as well as some rather gruesome blood fountains and a very flashy transformation sequence for the titular witch. The film will be headed by Afro Samurai director Fuminori Kizaki and is set to launch in theaters in Japan on Nov. 23.

Studio Gonzo is known for its work on many popular darker-themed anime, including Rosario + Vampire, Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo, Hellsing and Chrono Crusade.

The studio has also opened the movie's official Twitter account. Attendees at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show can drop by Hall 7 for more details on the film.

Polygon has reached out to Sega to ask about localization plans for the title and will share more details we have them.

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