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Deep Down TGS trailer shows dungeon diving, hideous monsters and magic

The latest trailer for Capcom's fantasy role-playing game Deep Down shows armored knights taking up arms against hideous monsters in stonewalled dungeons, as well as a brief look at a ghostly high-tech city.

Playing over the action is a string of voices in various languages and dialects, speaking of a world they once knew and the danger our playable hero will face in the caves ahead. During a press conference held by Sony early last week, it was revealed that the game's series of caves will be randomly generated and the setting is New York City circa 2094.

Deep Down will launch for PlayStaton 4 at an unannounced date and was revealed alongside the console in an event held by Sony this past February. The game is making its playable debut at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show this week; keep an eye out for Polygon's hands-on impressions coming soon.

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