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Sony to launch library of PS3 games through Gaikai in 2014

Sony will launch a digital library of PlayStation 3 games through its Gaikai-powered cloud services in North America next year, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said during a roundtable interview at the Tokyo Game Show today.

IGN reports Yoshida confirmed users will be able to stream this library of games to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and through the recently-announced PS Vita TV. Currently there is no information on when the service will launch in Europe.

A "decent number" of games will be available when the service starts, but Sony plans to expand the library over time, according to Yoshida, since he believes gamers will want a hearty number of options at launch.

In February, Yoshida said that the PS4 would not natively support PS3 games, but Sony was exploring options including cloud services for making previous purchases and previous system's games available on its next-gen console.

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