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Soul Sacrifice Delta TGS trailer shows grotesque and fantastic creatures

A Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailer for an updated version of PS Vita action title Soul Sacrifice focuses on the new abilities and enemies added this time around.

The narration is entirely in Japanese, but the images on-screen speak mostly for themselves. Players will be able to align themselves with one of three magic factions: Avalon, Sanctuary and Grim. With their newfound powers they can do battle against hordes of nasty-looking fantasy beasts, turning the world upside down and raising the ground to better deal with flying foes.

Soul Sacrifice Delta will have improved graphics and AI from the original, according to the trailer. It was reported last week that the new version will also add a third option when choosing to save or sacrifice fallen enemies or allies.

Soul Sacrifice Delta will hit PlayStation Vita in Japan sometime in 2014. No Western release date has yet been announced.

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