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Is space in games fictional or real?


This year's Philosophy of Computer Games conference will investigate the role of spaces within fantasy worlds, posing some deep questions about the games we play.

Set to take place in Norway in October, the conference, subtitled "Computer Game Space: Concept, Form and Experience," is being organized by the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen. Philosophy of Computer Games conferences have been taking place since 2005, with last year's Madrid event looking at the "nature of player experience."

"For this conference we invite papers that aim to clarify and critically evaluate views about the nature of spatial relations in computer games," offered a call for speakers. "Is space in games fictional or real? What is the nature of space in games if it is not fictional? What are the formal properties of space in computer games? What is the role of spatial relations in defining interactivity? What is the relation between in-game spatial orientation and ordinary spatial orientation?"

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