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Mighty Switch Force 2 coming to Wii U this October

Mighty Switch Force 2 is on its way to the Wii U eShop this October following its initial launch on 3DS earlier in the year, WayForward creative director Matt Bozon confirmed on Twitter.

In a tweet, Bozon stated the game is "estimated to arrive in October." The original title in the series, Mighty Switch Force, was ported from 3DS to Wii U last year as Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition. That release feature reworked visuals and new stages.

WayForward recently released DuckTales: Remastered which received a 5 out of 10 from Polygon. "If WayForward and Capcom's end goal was to recreate DuckTales while modernizing the presentation, they've accomplished just that," reads the review. "But other modern updates to classic NES titles have found more accessible, appealing ground, paying homage while improving the weaknesses of the source material. Instead, DuckTales: Remastered is full of miserably dull and frustrating mechanics behind its updated presentation - and no visual overhaul can hide that."

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