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Creator of Oculus Rift cover-based shooter whips up a tower defense RTS

Oculus Rift game programmer Teddy Lipowitz, whose cover-based, Hydra-utilizing shooter is one of the coolest prototypes we've seen for the headset so far, has unveiled his latest project: a real-time tower defense strategy game.

Using an Oculus VR headset and his own "Hydradeck" control scheme — which involves strapping one Hydra motion controller to your chest and holding another in your hand — the RTS lets you look down upon a castle you must defend against waves of attacking robots. You can issue commands to guards positioned on the castle's various walls and towers, and can gain new vantage points by squatting down, effectively shrinking down your perspective to that of your miniature troops.

Check out the video demo of the RTS above, or — if you've got the prerequisite hardware — download it directly from the Oculus VR developers site.

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