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Bravely Default's North American release to feature 'For the Sequel' content

Bravely Default Flying Fairy, Square Enix's original 3DS role-playing game, will feature content from the expanded Japanese version of the game when it launches in North America next year.

That expanded edition, titled Bravely Default: For the Sequel, was revealed last week in the latest issue of Weekly Jump Magazine. The content was designed to streamline the game, and adds new storyline events, difficulty levels, an auto-battle system and an option to increase combat speed by up to four times. As the title implies, the expanded edition of the game was intended to shore up interest in a sequel to the title when it hits Japanese store shelves and eShop Dec. 5.

A tweet from the game's official Twitter account confirmed that international versions of the game — which is currently only available in Japan — will be "based on 'for the sequel.'"

The fate of the game's North American release was cleared up during a Nintendo Direct presentation held this past April. No firmer release date beyond simply "2014" has been announced.

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