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Why one of Destiny's most powerful weapons feels like it could explode at any moment

The Thunderlord, one of Destiny's more powerful weapons, was designed to feel like a weapon that, "at any moment... should feel like it might blow up in your hands," according to Bungie art lead Tom Doyle.

In a post on Bungie's website, Destiny community manager "DeeJ" explains that the Thunderlord is a weapon dangerous to both the target it is being used on and the Guardian toting it into battle. He describes the item as a heavy exotic that is "a foolish aberration, tinkered with in ways few can fully understand," and a "beast you can barely control."

This dangerous piece of rare equipment was designed by Doyle to represent a "desperate measure" of humanity's last remnants, who sought to create a weapon powerful enough to overcome all enemies. Guardians must prove they are "worthy of its firepower" before gaining access to the Thunderlord.

"The ammunition is some kind of monster that they wouldn't normally use," Doyle said. "The use of electro-static rounds over this amplitude has been prohibited due to their volatility."

Bungie will continue to detail weapons, armor, characters and other elements of first-person shooter role-playing game Destiny on its website in the months leading up to release.

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