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Watch a master propmaker build Halo's Needler gun out of resin and lights

Harrison Krix of Volpin Props' replica of Halo's Needler gun looks as though it was pulled straight out of the game — though you don't have to worry about injuring yourself on its crystalline shards like with its-game counterpart.

Creating the weapon, Krix writes on his blog, was a complex process — from crafting the gun itself out plastic, resin, wood and glue, to adding wiring to give the whole thing that familiar purple glow. Building the Needler took seven months, and Krix has shared around 1400 in-progress photos detailing its construction in the above time lapse video.

Krix has posted links to his own detailed step-by-step guide on building the weapon, for Halo enthusiasts and cosplayers to give a crack at. The prop itself doesn't appear to be for sale, but if you've got a load of resin and free time on your hands, this could be your next project.

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