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Tekken Revolution's fan favorite 'Female Vampire' being designed with a 'different approach'

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The all-new Tekken character known currently as "Female Vampire" coming to free-to-play fighting game Tekken Revolution will feature a different approach to her fighting style, according to series producer Katsuhiro Harada. She's also getting a bit of a visual overhaul due to fan response — or at least a new haircut.

During a visit to Namco Bandai's headquarters in Tokyo this week, Polygon spoke to Harada about the current state of Tekken Revolution for PlayStation 3 and the character that fans voted for as the game's first new, original fighter. Harada said the Tekken team is in the midst of designing her fighting style, which he said will evoke the image of a 2D fighting game character in an attempt to have her stand out.

This summer, "Female Vampire" was voted into the game as part of an online poll and a presentation at Comic-Con. She was one of 10 possible character options, beating out the "Zombie Bride," a praying mantis, an average old man and more.

Harada said "Female Vampire" will receive a few design tweaks after fans said the character's hairstyle was too close to Tekken veteran Anna's. He said the character is still on track to come to Tekken Revolution later this year.

One aspect of the game that won't be changing, Harada said, is the monetization model that the team has implemented for Tekken Revolution, which draws inspiration from the pay-to-play nature of arcades. The game has ample free-to-play content, Harada said, explaining that versus fighting games don't provide the same type of monetization options other titles benefit from.

Tekken Revolution is currently available for download from Sony's PlayStation Network for PS3.

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