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The Secret World’s Whispering Tide event starts today

The Secret World, Funcom's massively multiplayer online game, has a new cooperative event that launched today called The Whispering Tide, according to a post on the game's official site.

In the event, players will struggle together against an invasion from the Filth, which is oozing out of Tokyo's Agartha portal.

"The battle will rage until the Filth has been beaten back and access to Tokyo has been won," the post reads. "But any chance of victory is still far off and only by pulling together the players will be able [sic.] to stem this tide of darkness."

The post promises "a long string of events that will run until access to Tokyo has been achieved," foreshadowing a lengthy event that will reward participants with items like treasures, clothing, outfits, gear and more.

For more on the game as it was when it launched, be sure to read Polygon's The Secret World review.

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