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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate video introduces Lagiacrus, king of the seas

A new Capcom Unity video discusses the serpentine Lagiacrus, the flagship monster for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

In the video host Dubindoh and Capcom Unity member RedStache chat about the Lagiacrus: its powers, its weaknesses and how to get special loot from it. The Lagiacrus can usually be found underwater, and will generate energy from the spines on its back and charge the player, sometimes leaving behind a powerful whirlpool.

The duo also discusses Lagiacrus' relatives, the land-dwelling Ivory Lagiacrus and the much more powerful Abyssal Lagiacrus.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hit Wii U in March of this year. In the Polygon review, we found it "intense and rewarding" though flawed in several major areas.

Monster Hunter 4 launched in Japan for Nintendo 3DS earlier this month. No Western release date has yet been announced.

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