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Battlefield 4 Battlelog features explained

A new post on Battlefield 4's official site fully details the game's second-screen application, the Battlelog.

Announced in July, Battlelog allows players to use a PC or mobile device for maps, leaderboards and more. As detailed by the lengthy post, Battlelog will also enable players to track how many friends are online and how many active missions are accessible. Players will also be able to create emblems — symbols that display on soldiers and guns in multiplayer.

Battlelog includes away-game capabilities, meaning players can view stats, access forums and leaderboards, customize their loadout and more. The application also gives players the chance to remotely join new servers quickly.

"Usually, you'd have to exit the game you're currently in and then search for your next server in the menus," the update reads. "Now you can pull up the list of servers on Battlelog, find the one you want to play on and press 'Join.' It'll pull you right into that server. It's extremely fast and fluid and a whole new way to find games on both console and PC."

Check out the full update on the game's official website. Battlefield 4 will be available Oct. 29 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. It will also launch for PlayStation 4 Nov. 12 and Xbox One Nov. 19.

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