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Killer Instinct's latest fighters include Black Orchid and Sadira

The latest fighter revealed for Killer Instinct for Xbox One is a new spider web-slinging fighter called Sadira, and according the reveal trailer, the series will see the return of Black Orchid.

Teaser footage of Sadira, initially posted by Game Trailers, was teased last month. Sadira is equipped with blades running down her forearms to the back of her hands. She can sling spider webs and can potentially trap opponents within the webs, although that attack is not demonstrated in the video above.

A redsigned B.Orchid appears at the end of the trailer and depicts Orchid making a fire cat materilize. The fighter was featured in the original Killer Instinct title and had the ability to transform into a fire cat. Killer Instinct's roster currently includes Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Sadira, B.Orchid and Chief Thunder.

While Killer Instinct is a free-to-play title, players will have to pay from $4.99 for individual fighters with multi-character packs available for $19.99. Creative director Ken Lobb revealed last month that Killer Instinct will receive a second season of playable characters in 2014.

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