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Scourge: Outbreak receives updates to co-op and matchmaking

Scourge: Outbreak, Tragnarion Studios' third-person co-op shooter, received a patch that introduced matchmaking changes, bug fixes and co-op additions, publisher UFO Interactive and Tragnarion Studios announced.

The patch allows players players to find and join games in progress when looking for suitable matches and all weapon handling has been tweaked, "fixing issues with recoil, stability and spread." Co-op mode and PvP map is now enabled in the trial version. The patch also introduces several new bug fixes.

Xbox Premium Theme featuring a dashboard pack with backgrounds and Gamer Pic Packs: Premium Theme Pack that includes a collection of ten Gamer Pics featuring Echo Squad, Alpha Squad and several Nogari Soldiers have also been released. Scourge: Outbreak released on Xbox Live Arcade on July 3 and released on PlayStation Network last year.

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