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Rockstar working on GTA 5 fix for vanishing vehicles (update)

Rockstar advises Grand Theft Auto 5 players to steer clear of garages for the time being while the developer looks into a fix for vanishing vehicles and upgrades, according to a post on the Rockstar support website.

The post states that the issues have been cropping up after customizing a vehicle and then completing a mission, most often "if you drive another character's personal vehicle." Players have been reporting losing vehicles and customizations after storing them in garages.

Rockstar suggests the problem is linked with driving vehicles with characters that do not own the upgrades. The company has asked players to avoid parking their cars in garages, driving cars that are already parked in garages or getting into a default vehicle with a character other than the one with upgrades.

The company is "looking into a fix to prevent this from occurring in the future."

Grand Theft Auto 5 launched last Tuesday and hit $1 billion in sales after just three days. Read Polygon's review here.

Update: Players on older models of the Xbox 360 are reporting console crashes linked to Grand Theft Auto 5, according to posts on the GTA forums. The problem seems to be occurring on Xbox 360 models manufactured or refurbished between 2006 and 2008, and players who purchased external drives with more available memory write that this has not solved the problem.

One forum poster shared a fix he allegedly obtained from Rockstar. The fix involves deleting all GTA 5 game data, clearing the system cache three times and deleting all marketplace data from storage system items, unplugging the console and then installing the game discs after restart.

Polygon has reached out to Rockstar for clarification on these issues and what they might be linked to, as well as when players can expect a fix. We'll share more details as we receive them.

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