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Pokemon X and Y's fossil Pokemon and evolutions revealed

The Pokemon Company revealed the two fossil Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y this weekend: the tyrannosaurs-looking Tyrunt and the whimsical Amaura — both of which can evolve into more powerful Pokemon.

Fossil Pokemon can be obtained by going to the Fossil Lab and restoring ancient Fossils. Pokemon X and Y players will be able to pick one of these two Pokemon for each save file.

Tyrunt can be obtained by reviving the one hundred million year-old Jaw Fossil, and according to the Pokemon website will throw a fit when he is displeased with something. He is a Rock/Dragon type Pokemon and his evolved form is Tyrantrum, a large creature reminiscent of a tyrannosaurus.

Amaura is a Rock/Ice type Pokemon that can be obtained by reviving the Sail Fossil. Amaura uses a new ability, Refrigerate, which will turn Normal-type Pokemon moves into Ice-type moves. Amaura evolves into Aurorus, which can blast enemies with cold air and form walls of ice.

More details on these Pokemon can be found on the Pokemon X and Y website. Pokemon X and Y will launch worldwide on Oct. 12.

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