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Spelunky gets a primetime slot with Emmys cameo

Mossmouth's rigorous platformer Spelunky made a surprise appearance during the 2013 Emmys broadcast last night, proven true in a screenshot posted to Twitter by Superannuation.

During the presentation for Best Writing In A Variety Series, the team of winner The Colbert Report showed a brief montage of its writers in action. When the video cut to writer Rob Dubbin — who has also written pieces about video games for Kill Screen, was playing Spelunky in a rather cozy-looking living room. Presumably the unforgiving platformer is the impetus behind the show's wit.

Following the broadcast, Mossmouth's Derek Yu took to Twitter to congratulate Rob and comment on the appearance of his game during the program. In a reply to Yu, Dubbin suggested that the game's cameo had been deliberately arranged for the montage.

Check out our feature on the creation of Spelunky here.

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