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Blood Alloy demo now available, jumps onto Steam Greenlight

A playable demo for Blood Alloy, a 2D Metroidvania shooter dripping with a '80s dystopia theme, is now available to the public, Suppressive Fire Games announced today.

The pre-alpha gameplay demo consists of a combat room with waves of enemies, so players can try the game's set of weapons and special abilities.

Blood Alloy features a female protagonist and consists of "non-linear exploration with optional pathways, hub areas, shortcut creation and discovery, and tons of secrets." Inspired by "the combat mechanics of Dark Souls, as applied to gunplay, and the dynamic speed of Vanquish," according to the developers, the game is being developed for Windows PC, Mac and Ouya.

A Kickstarter fundraising campaign for the project is underway, where the developers aim to raise $50,000 to develop Blood Alloy. The title is currently collecting community votes on Steam Greenlight.

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