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Team Fortress 2 Robot Heavy figures go on sale this month

Toy and publishing company 3A will release special edition Team Fortress 2 Robot Heavy Figures beginning Sept. 27, the company announced today.

The Red and Blue Team Fortress 2 Robot Heavies are $220 each and includes free international shipping. The posable figures stand at 12-Inches (30.5cm) and feature more than 30 points of articulation, illuminated LED eyes and the Heavy's minigun weapon. A box set of the two figures is $400 and includes free international shipping.

3A's art director, Brent Ashe told Polygon they decided on doing a robot version of the Heavy after wrapping up the Portal 2 Atlas and P-body collaboration with Valve.

"So the Mann Vs. Machine characters from TF2 made a lot of sense when it came to discussions on what to do next, he said. "3A is really best known for its robot characters. Since 2008, we've created several robot designs from co-founder Ashley Wood's Popbot and World War Robot series, so it made a lot of sense for us to apply our knowledge and strength in terms of sculpt, engineering and paint application in those areas."

The collaboration began with the Heavy as he's TF2's most iconic character, according to Ashe.

"He has tons of character and presence that we felt like we could really bring to life in the final sculpt and articulation," he explained. "We have the Robot Pyro planned next and actually showed unpainted prototypes of both him and the Heavy at our booth at this years San Diego Comic Con back in July."

Team Fortress 2 Robot Heavy pre-sales will begin on Sept. 27 at 9:00 a.m. Hong Kong Time on the 3A online store, with the figures rolling out to selected online retailers later in the year. The Red and Blue box set will only be available through Bambaland.

For more details, check out 3A's 'Lookbook' overview of the figures.

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