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Star Wars: A New Hope trench run recreated for Oculus Rift

Developer Boone Calhoun has recreated the trench run sequence featured in Star Wars: A New Hope for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

As demonstrated in the video above, it features console controller input and users can look around the cockpit of the X-Wing, equipped with an R2D2 chirping in the back.

The trench run follows numerous other Oculus Rift projects, such as SkyDIEving, an experimental demo which challenges users to virtually freefall from an airplane. Game programmer Teddy Lipowitz has developed a first-person cover-based shooter demo and a real-time tower defense strategy game.

Last week, Oculus VR announced the winners of its Oculus VR Jam 2013, where competitors were tasked with creating software for the virtual reality headset within three weeks. E. McNeill's Ciess was awarded top honors in the Open Call Category.

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