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A little Britain created in massive Minecraft map

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Ordnance Survey, the organization responsible for maps of Great Britain, has created a new map of the country using Minecraft.

The world consists of more than 22 billion blocks representing 200,000 square kilometers (85,000 square miles) of mainland Great Britain and surrounding islands. It was created by summer intern, Joseph Braybrook, who used the Ordnance Survey's OpenData project to convert current maps into a Minecraft world.

Each block represents a ground area of 50 square meters (59 square yards). Recalculations were made to fit the real world into Minecraft's standard block size.

Various Minecraft elements like Diamond, Emerald and Gold were used to denote different types of roads, from main motorways to more local thoroughfares.

The interactive 3D map is downloadable and ready to explore for anyone who owns a copy of Minecraft.

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