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Stardock lawsuits settled, former employee apologizes in writing

Two lawsuits filed between Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion publisher Stardock Systems and its former marketing manager, Alexandra Miseta, have been settled, Kotaku reports.

"Essentially, we agreed to dismiss each other's cases — to drop our cases — in exchange for her apologizing to us," Stardock president and CEO Brad Wardell told Kotaku. "Once we've received that, we feel vindicated."

As part of the settlement, Miseta apologized in writing to Wardell "for having brought a lawsuit against you and your company," according to a copy of the document.

"In hindsight," Miseta continued in the letter, "I would have handled things very differently if I could."

Stardock filed suit against Miseta, claiming that she deleted, destroyed or stole materials for its game, Elemental: War of Magic prior to resigning without notice. Miseta worked at Stardock from June 2007 to August 2010, the year in which she filed a sexual harassment suit against Wardell.

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