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Europa Universalis 4 receives massive update, two DLC packs

Paradox Development Studio's empire-building strategy game, Europa Universalis 4, received a new update today, Paradox Interactive announced, introducing hundreds of fixes, feature updates, balance adjustments and more.

The update was rolled out to Windows PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Europa Universalis 4. Through the update, the game now supports windowed fullscreen and a suggest demands button that'll "automatically populate a peace offer that the AI will accept when trying to end a war" has been added.

Major changes were also implemented to the game's AI, interface and multiplayer. Game balance tweaks were made across umpteen different components of the game, such as economy, war-taxes and trade. For interested parties, full patch notes are located on the game's official forums.

Two new DLC packs "American Dream" and "National Monuments 2" were also released and available to purchase from Steam and the game's official website. The two packs begin with the American Revolution and then expand out to landmarks around the world. A strategy guide for new and experienced Europa Universalis 4 players was also released today and is available from the Paradox website.

The latest episode of "Frenemies," the live-action webseries that parodies Europa Universalis 4 players, is now live and can be viewed above. Europa Universalis 4 launched on Aug. 13 on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Licences bought on Steam include Steam Workshop support and cross-platform multiplayer across Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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