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Licensed Mega Man The Board Game to hit Kickstarter soon

A campaign to fund an officially licensed Mega Man board game is about to hit Kickstarter, board game maker Jasco announced on the project's Facebook page.

An exact launch date for the campaign was not revealed with Jasco only sharing "It's coming, and soon!"

According to the Facebook page, the game is currently in development and the Kickstarter campaign will be "a chance for fans to show their support and help us make the game better," adding that the Kickstarter funding will help them implement more features.

The game's goal is to be the first player to beat Willy, and includes miniatures of Mega Man characters and a customizable card deck replacing dice. The board game will initially release as a base game supporting two to five players, reaching up to eight players with expansions. Expansions featuring character, weapon and level expansions from other Mega Man titles are planned after game's pending release.

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