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Warriors Orochi 2 Ultimate launch trailer flaunts PS Vita gameplay

Warriors Orochi 2 Ultimate launch trailer flaunts gameplay on the PS Vita while giving a rundown of the game's characters and their respective special moves.

Known as Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate in North America, the title adds extra story and gameplay content to Warriors Orochi 2, is due to release in Japan on Sept. 26 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. It received favorable reviews in the region, where Famitsu magazine editor Reona Ebihara said that the game's extra modes, story elements and "sheer amount of volume to play here has become overwhelming in a way."

Warriors Orochi 2 Ultimate has not yet been dated for the west. The last Warriors Orochi title to launch in North America was Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, the Wii U port of the action hack‘n'slash title, which released nationwide on Nov. 18 2012 alongside the console’s launch. Downloadable content and save data from Warriors Orochi 3 is transferred to Warriors Orochi 2 Ultimate and the title supports cross-platform play.

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