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Bring rock 'n roll to 19th-century Japan with Marvelous AQL's Bakumatsu Rock

The Tokyo Game Show may be over, but this week's Famitsu still has an exclusive scoop on a title that wasn't on the show floor. Titled, Bakumatsu Rock, the game is a PlayStation Portable release coming out 2014 in Japan.

Bakumatsu Rock takes place in the mid-19th century, a time when real-life Japan was facing revolution and chaos. In the game world, this is all caused by the shogunate-driven "Heaven's Song," a tune so pernicious and evil that it's all you're allowed to sing; any other tune is punishable by death.

Sakamoto Ryoma, Hijikata Toshizo and other reform-minded samurai must step up to stop this mess, and to do this, they'll become "rockers" who hold live shows. The game's divided into adventure and rhythm-game sections, with the story unfolding in 2D adventure-type sequences before a show kicks off and you try to button-press your way to stardom.

Bakumatsu Rock is due out Feb. 27 in Japan for 6090 yen (approximately $60). Pre-ordering earns you an artbook and drama CD, consisting of a voice cast of mostly male actors popular with female otaku in Japan.

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