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Rovio developing three new cartoon series, bringing more content to Toon.TV

Finnish developer Rovio is currently developing three new original animated series: the second season of its popular cartoon shorts Angry Birds Toons as well as two new series, Rovio executives announced today.

At a press event in New York City, Rovio vice president of video Rachel Webber announced that the company was simultaneously developing all three series, which includes the second season of Angry Birds Toons. The second season is set to launch in late 2014.

In addition to Toons, Rovio is working on a Bad Piggies cartoon spinoff focusing on the birds' enemies, the green pigs. The third series will focus on a single character, the pink bird Stella.

Webber said that more details on all three series will be revealed in the coming months. She also announced that the company's Toons.TV channel, the streaming video platform viewable in the company's games and on select programming services, has passed one billion views since it launched in March.

"We're really aiming to build the cartoon network of the mobile generation," Webber said.

Webber also shared that Rovio has partnered with several other media companies to bring their content to Toons.TV. The list of content planned for inclusion in the service over the coming month includes a full season of Jim Henson's puppet show Fraggle Rock, programming based on Stan Lee's new comic superhero Chakra the Invincible, National Geographic Kids' Amazing Animals and content produced by Hasbro Studios and French animation company Xilam.

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