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Thief pre-order DLC takes on a massive, impregnable bank

The Master Thief once stole to survive, he says, but now he survives to steal in this DLC trailer for the upcoming Thief.

The City's most secure location is the Stonemarket First Bank. Dozens of guards patrol the place, and that's before one gets to the vaults themselves. It would be impenetrable for any common thief, but not all thieves are common. The Master Thief must infiltrate Stonemarket First Bank in search of a rare family treasure, the Star of Audale, as well as what other bounty the bank's vault has to offer.

Developed as an homage to the bank mission in Thief 2, "The Bank Heist" DLC will be available for everyone who pre-orders the game.

Thief hits Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on Feb. 25.

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