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Catch the full 30-minute gameplay demo of Beyond: Two Souls here

The full half-hour gameplay demo of Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls is out early on PSN for users who have preordered the game, and those who have not can watch the full thing here.

The demo begins with protagonist Jodie as a child in a research facility, where scientists test her superhuman abilities that come with her bond to the paranormal entity she calls Aiden. Some time later, Jodie is a young adult in military combat training; the first scene trains the player how to use Aiden while the second introduces Jodie's own quick-time-based combat system.

Some time later, Jodie is on the run as a former CIA agent wanted for "treason," and must use her own abilities as well as Aiden's in order to escape the police. The action moves from a high-speed train to the middle of a forest and finally a showdown in a small town, with Jodie struggling to defend herself with Aiden's help.

Beyond: Two Souls hits PlayStation 3 on Oct. 8. The full demo will hit PSN next week on Oct. 1.

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