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Stardock launches mobile division with three games in development

Stardock Corporation announced the formation of Stardock Mobile today, a new division focused on creating mobile strategy games.

Dead Man's Draw, the first of three titles in the pipeline, will be released for iOS in October and combine strategy and card games. You can check it out in the gallery below.

"The goal at Stardock is to create great strategy games — whether that's on a PC, phone or tablet," said Derek Paxton, vice president at Stardock. "Dead Man's Draw focuses the decisions of a strategy game to that single moment where you either commit to jump off the cliff, or back off and play it safe, all within a game that only takes a few minutes to play."

Two more games — Hero Busters and Star Trails — are scheduled to be released in early 2014.

Yesterday, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion publisher Stardock Entertainment revealed that two lawsuits filed between the company and its former marketing manager have been settled.

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