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Lichdom brings first-person spellcasting to PC summer 2014

First-person spellcasting action game Lichdom will be release during summer 2014, according to a new "announcement" trailer for the CryEngine 3-powered game that was released alongside AMD's GPU 2014 event today.

Developed by Georgia-based Xaviant, Lichdom's action features an emphasis on role-playing and spell-crafting, according to its creators. Players will battle "the forces of worldly decay," described as corruption, greed and decadence. Players will rely on magic as their primary weapon as they battle for "the ultimate prize," control of Lichdom's fantasy world.

Lichdom was first announced in 2010 as part of a CryEngine licensing agreement between Xaviant and Crytek. At the time, the game was slated to release on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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