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Shadowrun Returns now available on iOS and Android tablets

iOS and Android tablet versions of Shadowrun Returns, the Kickstarted revival of the role-playing series, is now available from Apple iTunes and Google Play for $9.99, Harebrained Schemes announced on the project's Kickstarter page.

The tablet version omits access to community created content and the editor. The developer plans to release a bundle of the best user-generated content to the devices "at some point in the future."

"When Jordan created the original world of Shadowrun, he didn't predict that people would one day interact with that world on touch-screen computers more powerful than the one that took us to the moon," the Kickstarter update reads. "It is extremely gratifying that the enthusiasm for this game setting has stood the test of time and that we are now able to deliver it on mobile devices to a new generation of gamers."

Shadowrun Returns launched on Windows PC and Mac on July 25. The first downloadable content for the title is scheduled for a "late October" release.

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