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WildStar dev diary explains new takes on MMO ability mechanics

A new "DevSpeak" dev diary for upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar discusses how standard MMOs have players interacting with combat, and what makes WildStar unique in that regard.

Most MMOs have abilities that function in one of three ways: Instant-cast, where hitting a button immediately uses the respective skill; cast time, where hitting a button causes a bar to fill up and the ability is resolved once it does; and channeled, where an ability state is maintained (say, continuously calling down a blizzard) as long as the player stays still after hitting a button.

In WildStar, channeled and cast-time abilities can be used while moving to make for a more reactive and mobile fight. There are also new types of ability triggers, like rapid-fire abilities where pressing the button more during a window of time will activate the ability more often, and held-button abilities where the skill will activate until the button is released.

The next WildStar dev diary will discuss the game's classes.

WildStar is expected to launch early next year.

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