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Valhalla Knights 3 coming to PS Vita via retail, PS Store Oct. 15

Action role-playing game Valhalla Knights 3 will be available on PlayStation Vita at retail and via the PlayStation Store for $39.99 on Oct. 15, according to a post by publisher Xseed's localization lead Ryan Graff on the PlayStation Blog.

In Valhalla Knights 3, players spend the entire game in the labyrinthine dungeons of the medieval prison Carceron and the uninhabited wild lands surrounding it. Players will be able to explore the world at their own pace and navigate the mock society set up by the inmates — this tiny prison town includes shops and guilds, among other things. High-ranking prisoners called Families — organized groups with their own territories and laws — run the show, but lording above them all is the Emperor, who believes there is treasure hidden deep within the prison. Your character is a war veteran who has disguised themselves to infiltrate the prison and nip the fabled spoils.

Players will also be able to customize their character's gender, name, appearance and voice, as well as choose between a handful of job classes including Mage, Preist, Fighter and Ninja, among others. The trailer posted above gives a rundown of what players can expect from these classes.

Combat takes place in party-versus-party free-for-alls, with players building up a team of up to seven NPCs to fight alongside them. Fighters' personalities will affect how they behave in battle, so players will want to make sure they build a trustworthy team.

Last month we talked to several publishers, including Xseed Games, about the pitfalls and triumphs of localizing niche Japanese games like Valhalla Knights 3. You can read the full story here.

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