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Here's what you need to know for Friday, Sept. 27

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EA cancels 2014 college football game, reconsidering future plans

Electronic Arts announced yesterday will not release a college football video game in 2014, and the company is "evaluating [its] plan for the future of the franchise." The announcement follows a months-long legal struggle between EA, the NCAA and the Collegiate Licensing Company and a number of former student-athletes who filed lawsuits against them.

38 Studios' liquidation auction set for Nov. 14-15

The liquidation auction for the remaining assets belonging to 38 Studios and Big Huge Games will begin on Nov. 14. Included in the assets are the Kingdoms of Amalur IP — which means the Project Copernicus MMO could fine a new home. Sequel and merchandise rights for Amalur are also on the table.

Ryse's PvP scrapped in favor of Gladiator: Blood-Brothers co-op mode

Crytek scrapped Ryse: Son of Rome's player-versus-player mode when the development team found that it "really wasn't fun." Instead, players will team up in the Gladiators: Blood Brother co-op mode to take on waves of opponents in a coliseum, complete with raucous, cheering crowds. We also got a look at how Ryse will make use of SmartGlass, allowing users to navigate multiplayer, customize their characters and more from a second screen.

Former Gears of War, BioShock Infinite producer heading new 2K studio

Rod Fergusson — who spent seven years working on the Gears of War series and was hired by Irrational Games last summer to help complete BioShock Infinite — is opening a new 2K Games studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Details on his team's "exciting new project" are forthcoming.

And don't forget: Valve will make its third and final announcement today on its plans to infiltrate the living room, and Naughty Dog is sharing details on DLC for The Last of Us.