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Planetary Annihilation beta now available

Uber Entertainment 's upcoming real-time strategy game, Planetary Annihilation, is available now through Steam Early Access and Uber’s own digital store for $59.99, the developer announced today.

Beta features include the ability to use planets as bases, as well as "colonize asteroids, strap rockets to them, and launch them into your opponents' planets." War machines include naval, air, ground and orbital craft, such as tanks, jets, subs, bots, orbital units and battleships.

The beta's multiplayer mode supports up to 10 players in free-for-all and team-based matches. There is also a single player mode against multiple AIs held across various planets.

Also included is a video playback feature called ChronoCam, which allows players to view in-game recordings. The beta integrates an economy system where players can construct metal extractors and energy plants "on the fly" and recoup funds channeled into domination. For more information about the title, be sure to watch the beta gameplay in action above.

Planetary Annihilation is tentatively expected to release in December. Uber launched a Kickstarter campaign last year to raise funds for Planetary Annihilation. The project attracted more than $2.2 million in pledges, exceeding its initial $900,000 funding goal.

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