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World of Warplanes receives update 0.5.3, new British planes

World of Warplanes' open beta received update 0.5.3, introducing a new line of British Royal Air Force planes and their respective tech trees, along with new control schemes, sound engine, two new maps and more, developer announced.

Update 0.5.3 introduces 12 new British aircraft such as the Spitfire, Blenheim F., Skua and Javelin. Two new maps are Fjords, which adds complexity with its mountainous landscape and Eastern Front, which features combat over a cityscape. The new sound engine features real-life engine, gun and cannon recordings.

Improved balancing, performance optimization, as well as additional customization options for mouse, joystick and gamepad have been added. Numerous changes have been made to the game's components, such as gameplay, balancing, physics, equipment, crew, rendering and more. The full list of changes rolled out with the update can be viewed in full on the official World of Warplanes' site.

According to the World of Warplanes post, F5U, 109TL, LBSh, J4M1 and Me.609 planes will be removed from tech trees and will be unavailable for future purchases. Owners of the aircraft will receive compensation; however, the planes will still in remain players’ hangars.

World of Warplanes' open beta launched in North America and Russia July 2, with a European release on July 4. The flight combat MMO is expected to release Nov. 12 and Nov. 13, in CIS countries and in North America and Europe, respectively.

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