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Virtual world Second Life gets graphics and features overhaul

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Free-to-play virtual life simulator Second Life received a major overhaul following the game's 10th anniversary earlier this summer, adding new features and updating the game's graphics, according to a new trailer for the game.

In addition to giving graphics a fresh coat of paint and upgrading the game's lightning, the trailer boasts "better performance" and improved speed of avatar loading. Chat tools have also been streamlined for ease of communication between players, and users can now share in-game screenshots and accomplishments through Facebook integration.

The trailer also mentions a newly improved "welcome experience," presumably for new players who are just getting their feet wet, and a "simplified" in-game shopping experience. At the end, we see a man using what looks like a virtual reality headset to navigate the game — a feature the trailer suggests will be available "soon."

Linden Labs first launched Second Life for Windows PC and Linux on June 23, 2003. This past June, the game's community threw a number of in-game celebrations commemorating its 10th anniversary.

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